Coke Zero

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Why do you think that the hidden-camera videos used to promote Coke Zero were an effective way to reach its target market?Do you think a similar strategy with a viral marketing campaign on the Internet would appeal the target market for Diet Coke Plus?
Coca- cola is a global megabrand whose main products are soft drinks. With globalization that has triggered fierce competition, this firm, Coca-Cola faces intense competition hence it has to increase its market share by introducing new products while altering the different compositions of its present brand. More so, the clients are becoming more concerned about their health hence opting for a healthy lifestyle which Coca-Cola has to consider. These threats have made the firm to carry out extensive research and development about its products in the existing market. According to the case study, the diet coke target market was men interested in losing weight since diet coke did not have all the calories in the regular coke. Diet coke was a Coca- Cola brand that mainly targeted the young men who were switching from diet that looked more feminine due to the inclusion of the word diet. The coca-cola blak plus, a sweeter version of diet coke fortified with vitamins and minerals, was introduced in 2007 and the target market was consumers who were concerned about their nutrition. The consumers targeted by coca-cola blak were the more complex older generation who are willing to spend more on this product, a cola with coffee essence, while full throttle blue demon targeted the Hispanic men (case study).
As consumer tastes and preferences change over time, firms in the soft drink industry should adjust their existing products to meet the needs of their existing client base in order to maintain their market share. Since more markets are emerging, they also need to develop new product that will win the emerging markets. By modifying their old products to meet the demands of the existing/ loyal clients, it will

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