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(Coca Cola Christmas (Image) 2011)(Coca Cola (Image) 2011)

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In my assignment, I am asked to do research and collect enough information on any organization that I want to do. I have chosen “The Coca Cola Company” because I am a big fan of Coke(.

After I have done research and collected everything I need from the organization, In task 1, I have to write a essay of 400 words, discussing how Coca Cola’s objective relates to their current market position and how they will do about to maintain their position.

The essay will include their market position, strategies, growth potential, and my conclusions and observations.

In task 2, based on my findings during research of Coca Cola’s current position, I have to develop a new mission statement in 50 words that includes 3 objectives for growth for Coca Cola that is different from their mission statement.

In task 3, I have to describe Coca Cola’s product selection in 100 words.

I will do enough research to complete each task.

After the completion of my assignment, I will know more about how Coca Cola’s objective relates to their present market position, and how they plan to uphold their present position.

(MPLN2111-Assignment 1)

II. Task 1

An Essay About How Coca Cola Company’s Objective Relates to Their Present Market Position and how they plan To Uphold Their Present Position.

Coca Cola (Coca Cola logo 2 (Image) 2011)

Coca Cola…………the most renowned soft drink in the whole wide world.

The marketing position of Coca Cola throughout the world is the nr 1 leading company in the supplying, producing and marketing of soft drinks and syrups, and that is the reason why they enjoy 59% of the largest market share. If we look at the market potential in the world for a company dealing in soft drinks, we can see that there is a great abundant new potential market worldwide for Coca Cola. About 3000 different products are sold in over 200 countries that produce over 400 different brands. Their potential market is to introduce their product into a new area or market that had currently or previously not been using their product, and their major competitor is Pepsi that also share a big part of the pie. (Coca Cola Company 2011)

The company uses varies business strategies to reach their objectives which are to improve economic profit. It is also used to increase volume which will expand their shares of their products and maximise their long term profits. The marketing strategy is to innovate in their products, packaging and equipment; therefore it will keep their company moving towards their primary goal. A known fact is that they are the leaders in the beverage supplying market in the world and that they put their customers ahead of the competition. Coca Cola enforced strategies to improve not only their products but their brand name as such. (Mission statement of Coca Cola 2011)

In any company the work place environment will have an influence on aspects like production, worker satisfaction and company vision, and that is no different than the company Coca Cola. In order to continue achieving sustainable growth, Coca Cola’s vision needs to be accomplished. When people are satisfied with their product, their product will become more in demand, and that will give them a potential positive grow. In concluding the points above, this will have an attractive return on investment for shareholders. Better return on investments for shareholders, will improve the company’s image on the stock market. (Coca Cola Company 2011)

In searching for information about Coca Cola as a major company, I concluded and observed that they are utilizing very intelligent methods in order to achieve their visions and missions. Coca Cola actually have more products that are commonly known. They cover such a large part of...

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