Market Research Proposal

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Market Research Proposal
Proposal to Conduct Grocery Store Service Preference Research Prepared for: Clifton’s Grocery Store
Prepared by:
June 2009
The overall objective of this study would be to distinguish what customers want in a grocery store. Questions to be addressed include: Which of the competitors provides the best value for select goods? What are the prices of those select goods?

What services would customers desire in a full service grocery? Study Design
This study would be conducted using survey research which will be done in paper form* and on the internet*. The consumers will be surveyed at random on what they look for in a grocery store. Areas of Questioning

I would work closely with Clifton’s Grocer Store in developing the questionnaire. Questions considering the survey will include but are not limited to: What are the most popular goods that consumers purchase? Where does the consumer shop for a value?

What prices will consumers pay for specific products? Overall rating in the design of the grocery store.
Rating of the services provided in the grocery store. The most desired service to the consumer in a grocery store. Data Analysis
Case analysis will be used and compared to the results of this survey to come to a conclusion. Personnel Involved
, myself, will be responsible for the data analysis and presentation of the report. Services
I would:
Develop the question*na*i*re in conjunction* with Clifton’s Grocery Store Program the survey
Manage and administer the survey
Monitor and oversee on-line survey
Process data from the survey
Analyze the data and prepare a presentation-style report, if desired Timing
After approval of the final questionnaire, the project would require approximately three to five weeks to complete as outlined below: Survey programming...
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