Marico - Fmcg Giant in India

Topics: Consumer, Better, Health Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: May 4, 2006
Vision and Mission: -
'COME WIN' ---- their vision and mission is captured in this acronym, which when bifurcated means the following: -

Consumers: For they are the reason we exist.
The primary focus of our efforts will be to not only understand what adds greatest value to the consumer but also change and reinvent ourselves if need be. We will translate the consumer's needs and desires into marketable products and an ever-expanding base of loyal consumers, with speed and a quality of response that surpasses the competition.

Membership: For a sense of ownership empowers us.
Wholesome membership is when a person brings his/her entire being into the organization. It also gives each member a role in articulating and shaping the destiny of the organization, which in turn, builds commitment and ownership

Excellence: For it unleashes our potential.
We will focus on policies and practices where people produce consistently superior performances and where people are encouraged to discover their untapped potential.

Wealth: For on it hinges our growth.
All our efforts must culminate in the creation of wealth. We will do so by continuously adding value in everything we do through a variety of methods. We will use sources productively, eliminate waste, reduce cycle times and costs and enhance the consumer base.

Innovation: For it gives wings to ideas.
The future of our organization rests on our willingness to experiment, push in new and untested directions, think in uncommon ways and take calculated risks. Continuous improvement should be a part of everyday work. We acknowledge that failure is inherent in any new initiative. We will commit resources for experimentation and invest in processes for reviewing and sharing of learning.

Marico's Goals and objectives (which they wish to achieve by 2010) We commit ourselves to improving the quality of people's lives in several parts of the world, through branded fast moving consumer products and...
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