Topics: Athletic shoe, Footwear, Quality of service Pages: 6 (2067 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Shoes have the hardest job of any apparel. They travel between your weight and the ground. Shoes are often taken for granted, people only noticed their shoes when it’s all worn up, dirty, and needed to be replaced. Taking care of your shoes is not just about making your shoes look good, which would be reason enough to take care of them. It's also about preserving and adding to the life of your shoes. Whether you spend a lot on your shoes, or don't have much to spend, taking care of your shoes makes sense. In the case of designer, or more expensive shoes, look at it as though you're protecting your investment, or what could be a future collectible. And if you don't have a lot to spend on shoes, keeping the ones you have in great shape will remove the need to buy new shoes for every occasion. Without proper care, shoes can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and you'll no longer want to wear them out of the house - even if they did cost a small fortune. Laundry shops have become popular since early 2000. The existence of washing machines and dryers in most households is no longer a threat to this business, as it continues to sprout like mushroom in different areas of the country. This is the reality in the urban and suburban places. The growth of this business can be attributed to the fast-pacing movement of the modern world, where time is of great importance. Like all other products and services that are instant - from instant food, internet connections, online banking etc., laundry shops provide the convenience of time with service quality. According to entrepreneurs, quality and speed are two of the major reasons why people are bringing their dirty clothes to laundry shops. These two aspects are very important for a laundry business to grow. It has also become a necessity for people to have their dirty clothes washed, in order to keep their everyday wardrobes clean and free from dirt, sweat, and bacteria. This is especially true in tropical countries like the Philippines. The growing reality of the success of laundry businesses in the Philippines gave the proponents an idea that, if people are bringing their dirty clothes to laundry shops for reasons of time, quality, speed and the need for clean clothing regardless of the weather condition, people may also embrace the idea of a shop that will offer to clean and wash their shoes with speed and quality for the appropriate price. And why not? Shoes are more prone to dirt and bacteria because they have direct contact with roads, mud and stain that are difficult to remove. Shoes are more difficult and more time consuming to clean or wash than clothes. Improper cleaning and washing of shoes can also lead to stinky smell and even worse, can be a source of bacteria that causes athletes’ foot and other foot diseases. Moreover, career-oriented individuals and active teens seldom have time to clean their shoes. So what could be better than to have a place where people can have their shoes washed with quality and convenience of time? The proponents have searched for existence of any shoe laundry shop but there are currently none in Batangas or even in Calabarzon area. Searches in the internet revealed that the man behind the shoe laundry concept is Sandeep Gajakas, a Physics Graduate in Mumbai – Maharashtra India. Sandi initially thought of the concept in 1997 and though an engineer by profession, he started cleaning shoes in 2003 because he wanted to do something “out-of-the-box”. Over a period of time, the shoe laundry has emerged as a stable setup which follows a 10-step cleaning and repairing process, which Sandi developed. This art of cleaning and repairing sports footwear has been registered as a unique concept and documented as a formal process flow (Netfirms, 2010). By 2006, several competitors have entered the market. These shops offer cleaning and polishing services for all kinds of footwear - for men,...
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