Laundry Shop

Topics: Expense, Dry cleaning, Laundry Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: October 14, 2012
A. Name of the Enterprise – LAUNDRY WORKS

B. Location – Zone 2 Blk. 3 Centro Fatima Uhaw, General Santos City The area measures 14x22 ft. (26 sq. meters).
The rate of renting of the place is P 4,000.00 since it is located along the main road.

C. Description of the Business
-is intended primarily for students renting boarding house and apartments. Secondly the residents of Centro Fatima Uhaw, General Santos City. -LAUNDRY WORKS significantly acts a helper for the people who does not have enough time to do the laundry. -is basically to help the residents and students lessen their workload and ensure that their clothes are clean. -In that case, a laundry shop is the answer to the need for clean clothes in less time, less cost and less effort.

D. Product/Service Features
1. Wash-dry-fold
2. Wash-dry-fold-press
3. Dry Cleaning
4. Pressing
5. Hand Washing

E. SWOT Analysis

1. Laundry Works uses an advanced technology for the services. 2. High profitability of the business because it is more accessible to the market. 3. The business is located at the main road. There are lots of boarding houses and apartments nearby the business spot. 4. The location of the place has been a business spot before. 5. Less investment cost. Laundry business does not need a large amount of capital 6. Promotion strategies such as leaflets and website are a good one to attract not only the residents and students but also the community outside the area. Weaknesses

1. Lack of experience for the owner to manage a laundry shop since it is his first time to invest in this kind of industry. 2. Since Laundry Works uses advanced technologies, maintenance for the machines is quite hard to maintain and expensive. Opportunities

1. Development of the whole subdivision could give Laundry Works more opportunities to get a bigger market demand. 2. Demand for laundry business. The growth of...
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