Managing Human Resource Today

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Managing Human Resource Today

1. HR Management refers to the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job, specifically, acquiring, training, appraising, rewarding, and providing a safe, ethical and fair environment for your company`s employees. These relate to line management in that line management part produce the main income for the company. If you could control the HR management aspects respectively, line management could also go smoothly, which means betters welfare for the employees and more profits for the company.

2. All mangers can be benefitted from the HR management concepts and techniques. for example, avoiding personnel mistakes that is to hire the right person for the right job. Another one is to improve profits and performance of the company. One of the bottle neck for the growth of the company is in the workforce especially the company`s inability to recruit and maintain good workforce.

3. Managers with line authority are line managers. Line authority gives manager the right to issue orders to other employees, therefore creates a superior-subordinate relationship. For example, managing departments likes sales or production department. Manager with staff authority are staff managers. Staff authority gives manager the right to advise other managers or employees, therefore creates an advisory relationship. For example, departments those are advisory or supportive like purchasing and HR management department.

4. Strategic Human Resource Management means formulating and executing human resource policies and practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic aims.HR manager may choose measures to gauge the extent which the new policies and practices are actually producing the required employee skills and behaviors. It might include, for instance, “hours of computer training per employee”,customer satisfaction etc.
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