Reflective Essay #1

Topics: Management, Ethics, Decision making Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 27, 2014

1. How would your subordinates describe you as a leader?

The feeling that I receive from my subordinates is that I am a mixed bag. I would love to think I

am their Superman, but the truth be told I am not. My kryptonite is that at times I get so wrapped

up in mission that I fail to look up and notice their needs for my attention.2. How would your supervisor describe your followership?

I am confident that if you talked to my supervisor she would say that I am great follower. Follow

the orders of those above me have never been an issue as long it is not illegal, immoral, or


3. What leadership style do I use? Do you consider it to be effective or ineffective? Why? I would classify my leadership style to be participative (democratic). I like to offer guidance, but

at the same token include them in the process. I feel this to be effective as it allows them to feel

they have some form of ownership in the decision making process.
4. How would you describe yourself as a NCO?

I would describe myself as a great manager, but really need to work on developing to become a

leader. I am sure as you read this you are asking yourself what the difference is. To paraphrase

what M.Al Zoubi wrote: A manager works within the system; a leader is working on the system.

A manager derives their authority through position; all the while a leader gains it by their

influence and character.

5. How would your supervisor describe you as a NCO?

I believe my supervisor would say I am good NCO, but not perfect by any stretch of the

imagination. We have a great relationship and she has been instrumental in providing mentorship

when needed.

6. What are my strengths?

I have several strengths, but probably equally as many weaknesses. I would say I my strengths

are computers, time management, completing tasks ahead of schedule, providing solutions to

problem sets, and math....
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