Managerial Role

Topics: Management, Government, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: August 27, 2010
(i). Figurehead role-
In this role a manager performs symbolic duties required by the status of his office. Making speeches, bestowing honors, welcoming official visitors, distributing gifts to retiring employees are examples of such ceremonial duties

(ii). Leader-
This role defines the manager's relationship with his own subordinates. The manager sets an example :legitimizes the power of subordinates and brings their needs in accord with those of his organisation.

(iii). Liaison-
It describes a manager's relationship with the outsiders. A manager maintains mutually benefitial relationships with other organizations, governments, industry groups, etc. 2. INFORMATIONAL ROLE
(i). Monitor-
It implies seeking and receiving information about his organisation and external events. An example is, picking up a rumor about his organisation. 

(ii). Disseminatior-
It involves transmitting information and judgments  to the members of the organisation. The information relates to inter operations and the external environment. A manager calling a staff meeting after a business trip is an example of such a role.

(iii). Spokesman-
In this role, a manager speaks for his organisation. He lobbies and defends his enterprise. A manager addressing the trade union is an example. 3. DECISIONAL ROLE
(i). Entrepreneur-
It involves initiating change or acting as a changed agent. For example, a manager decides to launch a feasibility study for setting up a new plant. 

(ii). Disturbance Handler-
This refers to taking charge when the organisation faces a problem or crises, example- a strike, feud between subordinates, loss of an important customer. A manager handles conflicts, complaints and competitive actions.

(iii). Resource Allocator-
In this role a manager approves budgets and schedules, sets priorities and distributes resources.

(iv). Negotiator-
As a negotiator, a manager bargains with suppliers, dealers, trade...
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