Administrative Matrix

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Appendix C: Administrative Matrix


Complete the Administrative Matrix located below. You are expected to identify and explain the functions and roles of management. This information is based on the four functions of management. By providing an example, you demonstrate an understanding of each management function.


Role of Management

This includes interpersonal roles, subordinates within the organization, and persons external to the organization. Three interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison
A manager has the responsibility to lead by example within the organization. It is important to model the behavior subordinates are expected to fulfill
Planning is really the foundation of management. It requires managers to evaluate where the company is currently and where it wants to be in the future.
A manager has to look at the company’s current standings and what the goals are for the future, kick into a plan of action on how they will help get the company there.
Organizing is getting all your resources in order so that you can implement the plan to help the company succeed.
A manager must be a good organizer because they have so many people under them. They must organize schedules, keep track of days off, and off day requests. Organization is a big part of being a manager
Directing falls in last because after planning and organizing the agenda for the company to meet it’s goals, a good manager then has to direct the employees to do so.
Directing is simply making sure that everyone is on one accord when it comes to what is expected of them. You don’t want to micro-manage so just be sure that the agenda is clearly stated and everyone understands.

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