managing child and family services

Topics: Leadership, Early childhood education, Management Pages: 8 (2279 words) Published: March 16, 2014
ASSIGNMENT 1: ESSAY - THE IMPACT OF SOCIO-POLITICAL FACTORS ON THE MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP OF EARLY CHILDHOOD SETTINGS This assignment requires you to write an essay that could be used by a management committee as a background paper to help them understand roles and responsibilities of key staff under new children’s services legislation  _Identifies and describes:

The responsibilities of key management and leadership positions for early childhood professionals under the Education and Care Services National Regulation 2011 Discusses the relationship between the responsibilities of these positions and the roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders cited in literature Analyses implications of the responsibilities for the day to day operation of the service

 _Assignment
 _A signed cover sheet (found at the end of this Learning Guide)  _Marking standards for Assignment 1 (found in this Learning Guide)

Submit a draft of your assignment to Turnitin by 30th August so you have time to review your Originality Report and edit your work.  _Submit an electronic copy of your final assignment to Turnitin by 5pm on the 5th of September (Do not include your cover sheet but do include your reference list) AND  _Submit a paper copy of this assignment (i.e. the same one you submitted to Turnitin) in class on the 6th September.  _Assignments submitted after the due date and time, without an approved extension, will be penalised 10% per day for late submission.  _You must keep a copy of your assignment.

PURPOSE – HOW THIS ASSIGNMENT RELATES TO LEARNING OUTCOMES This assignment helps you to explore social, economic and political influences on the operation of children’s services. In particular it focuses on developing understanding of the roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders as they relate to current policy and legal frameworks in children’s services and understanding the application of the more generic management and leadership literature to early childhood services. PROCESS

In order to complete this assignment you need to:

Identify the key management/ leadership roles set out in the National Education and Care Services Regulation 2011 and Discuss the responsibilities of each of these positions.
Make links between these roles and responsibilities and your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of managers and leaders more generally (from theory/literature) Analyse the implications of the policy for the way in which children’s services are operated. You will need to think about how this legislation may affect things like staff to child ratios or rostering of staff or other elements of service operation.

 _Evidence of reading and understanding relevant legislation with ability to identify and discuss key roles and responsibilities  _Demonstrates understanding of management and leadership roles and responsibilities from the literature, and their application to policy frameworks  _Synthesises understandings from the legislation and generalises implications to practice  _Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing and APA referencing style within the word limit  _Presents work professionally, using appropriate and clear academic writing and APA referencing style within the word limit.

Introduction :

RAPID CHANGES IN AUSTRALIAN education have intensified the role of early childhood leaders and led to unprecedented challenges. The Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2011), mandated Australian National Quality Framework (NQF) for Early Childhood Education & Care (DEEWR, 2010b) and the National Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) (DEEWR, 2009) have heightened the need for leaders to guide and move the profession forward. Leaders need to build professional knowledge, pedagogical capacity and infrastructure in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce...
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