Task Roles

Topics: Decision theory, Individual, Decision making Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: November 5, 2013
A role is a set of behaviors a group member is expected to perform because of their position in the group.

Task roles refer to the actions of individuals that help move the project, decision, goal or task along.

As a dental office manager it would be my job to act as an information seeker to request facts; seek relevant information about a question or concern; and ask others for suggestions, ideas or opinions. This information would be beneficial during problem solving, decision making, action planning, and group discussions.

This would also include clarifying as I would be interpreting or reflecting ideas and suggestions; clearing up conclusions; indicating alternatives and issues before the group; giving examples, and defining terms. This information would be useful any time the group discussion becomes too vague, too general or lacks focus; or when a lot of information has been put out. I would accomplish this by asking for clarification of an example; building on the ideas of others; clarifying an idea based on our understanding; or trying to develop timid suggestions and half stated ideas into fully developed possibilities.

Maintenance roles refer to the actions of individuals that help preserve the relationships in a group.

As a manager I would have the role of encouraging others by being friendly, warm, and responsive to others; accepting others and their contributions; and regarding others by giving them an opportunity to contribute or be recognized. I would also give recognition for contributions to the group, and point out the accomplishments of the group and its individual members.

An important aspect of the role of dental office manager would include acting as a harmonizer to attempt to reconcile disagreements; reducing tension, and get people to explore their differences. This role would also be essential when the group cannot reach consensus, when conflict of ideas arise, and opinions or personality conflict is preventing...
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