Managerial Applications for Information Technology

Topics: Multimedia, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 6 (2154 words) Published: December 5, 2010
TITLE: Multimedia in Education
CLASS: IS535 Managerial Applications of Information Technology DATE: October 9, 2010

The world is rapidly changing and becoming one of popular and modernized technology and the field of education is no exemption as this sector in particular as it applies to media services. Organizations as well as instructors and learners require access to such learning resources which will provide the required support for both individual and group learning. Multimedia combines powerful learning tools and these technologies have a great impact on curriculum; while making allowances for both immediate enhancement and further curriculum development. As with all other educational organizations, it has become apparent that there is need for some kind of learning tool that will enable learners to be able to use modern technology to obtain the desired results while establishing their foundation for achieving. Ross University School of Medicine being no exception, they have embarked on finding a solution to their growing problem in an effort to help further establish and maintain the place in the market while at the same time making full use of technology to help in their learning process.

Definition of Multimedia
Multimedia can be defined generically as any combination of two or more media which combines the five basic types of media into learning environment: video, sound, images, text, graphics and animation. For educational technology purposes, multimedia refers to computer-based systems that allow the use associative linkages in order to allow users to navigate and retrieve information stored in a combination of text, sounds, graphics, video, and other media. (Pearson 1995) A multimedia learning environment would involve a number of elements in order to enable the learning to take place. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences establishes a theoretical framework for using multimedia in instruction. His theory relates to other widely recognized theories on learning styles and modalities of learning. (Gardner 1983; 1993) Howard Gardner viewed intelligence as 'the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting' (Gardner & Hatch, 1989). Multimedia literacy is a growing concern among educators as American society continues to depend on image technologies such as television, video, and film. Educators need to prepare children to live and function in a society that relies heavily on multimedia for information storage and dissemination.

Brief background of the organization
Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) a subsidiary of DeVry is one of three (3) offshore medial schools in the West Indies is located on the North of the island at Picard in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Its primary function is to create holistic and positive individuals through its learning environment. The school currently has approximately 1200 learners enrolled with an estimated 255 employees and 65 members of faculty. The school was founded in 1978 and has graduated more than 5,600 physicians with roughly 85% being U.S or Canadian citizens. The faculty is recruited from leading medical institutions around the world and they do have outstanding credentials in teaching and research. While they do conduct research, their primary responsibility is teaching. This is order to maximize their availability to their learners. The learners can begin their studies at Ross University in September, January or May semesters and applicants are generally expected to have earned a bachelor’s degree from a North American or similar baccalaureate program and a broad, general education of at least 90 college credits are required. The learners continue to choose Ross because of its faculty, curriculum and technically advanced campus. During the four (4) semesters of foundation of medicine, the learners experience...
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