Management with Multimedia

Topics: DVD, Virtual reality, VRML Pages: 3 (542 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Lesson 1-What is Multimedia?


Introduction to multimedia. Applications of multimedia. Virtual reality (VR).

Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia is a combination of text, art, sound, animation, and video. Text Graphic/ Image Animation Video Audio/ Sound

It is delivered to the user by electronic or digitally manipulated means. A multimedia project development requires creative, technical, organizational, and business skills.

Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia becomes interactive multimedia when a user is given the option of controlling the elements. Interactive multimedia is called hypermedia when a user is provided a structure of linked elements for navigation. Multimedia developers develop multimedia projects.

Introduction to Multimedia

The software vehicle, the messages, and the content together constitute a multimedia project. A multimedia project shipped to end-users with or without instructions is called a multimedia title. A project can be Stand-alone or launched on the Web.

Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia projects can be linear or nonlinear. Projects that are not interactive are called linear. Example: Power Point Slides, Watching a movie, listening to a story etc., Projects where users are given navigational control are called non-linear and user-interactive.

Introduction to Multimedia

Authoring tools are used to merge multimedia elements into a project. The software used for building multimedia content. Example: Adobe Director, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver etc.,

These software tools are designed to manage individual multimedia elements and provide user interaction.

Introduction to Multimedia

The primary media for delivering multimedia projects are:
Compact disc read-only (CD-ROM) Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

Compact Disc Read-Only (CD-ROM)

CD-ROM is the most cost-effective distribution medium for multimedia projects. It can contain up to 80 minutes of full-screen video or...
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