Management Research Methods

Topics: Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Scientific method Pages: 10 (3161 words) Published: August 28, 2011
This assignment emphasizes on Research Methods used in Management industry as mentioned in the title of this module. Research has become a very integral part of today’s industry, no matter in which area one wants to start the business or service, research has to be involved. So, the purpose of this module is to identify the research methods and techniques, and other related issues. The assignment is divided in three parts which illustrates the three learning outcomes of the module. The purpose of part one of this assignment is to make the student familiar with

1.Research questions or hypothesis
2.Identify different methodologies used in research
3.Prepare an action plan and methods for monitoring and updating.

Second part illustrates

1.Data collection methods
i)Primary research technique
ii)Secondary research technique
2.Analysis of appropriate date i.e.
i)Qualitative Data
ii)Quantitative Data

And the third and final part shows how to:
1.Record findings
2.Present and summarize the findings in suitable methods
3.Evaluate the methodology and analysis of the findings
4.Propose recommendations for future research

1.1. Identification of Research Question/Hypothesis & Justification of Choice

This section of the assignments allocates us the task of selecting research criteria in which we are currently involved in, recently completed or want to make a fresh start. I would like to choose the topic of research in the telecommunication industry on lower level, i.e. internet café & phone booth systems. I have chose this topic as I have been working in an internet café myself and have seen the industry go as high and then towards its downfall too. The reason behind this according to my understanding and research is that every industry has its own peek and downfall periods. The telecommunication industry got a boost with the introduction of VOIP (voice over IP). Some time ago using the internet was as expensive as buying a computer/laptop. But with the latest technology and research in the industry this got quite cheaper and nowadays people can buy an unlimited internet connection at their home for as cheap as £5 a month. 1.2. Research Questions and Methodology

My aim and question of research here is that why the internet café industry is going down and for this purpose I have prepared a small questionnaire for people who use internet café.

Question 1: What brings you in this internet café?
Question 2: What do you like most about this place?

Question 3: What improvements or changes would you like?

Question 4: Do you have a computer and internet connection at home?

Question 5: Why do you prefer to come to an internet café?

I visited different internet café’s around the town and tried to get to talk to as much people as I could to have their opinion. As shown in the charts above most of the people like to go to internet café’s because they don’t have computer at home as they are visiting this country for short term or not yet bought a computer/laptop. Some also mentioned they come for printing or scanning. Mostly people visit an internet café if it is clean, has a pleasant environment, service is good, better speed, friendly staff and help needed to use the computer is on hand. 1.3. Action Plan for Updates

As this is a topic or research area where it is not possible to limit it in a specific time period, rather here I had to be updated all the time, by the means of more research. I had to visit the internet places quiet frequently to keep myself up to dated with the ongoing events or culture of the places. Telecommunication is a fast paced industry and is changing more rapidly than other comparative industries. But in the internet café’s these things doesn’t affect much as people who own them are reluctant to put the latest equipment unless someone is starting a new business and want new computers or products. The reason for that...
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