Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 11 (3065 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Death penalty: A good example to protest serious crime

Kamrul Islam
ID: 0920398030
May 05, 2013

In recent times, Death Penalty has increased in our country. Government has established this rules regarding death penalty in order to control the crimes that has gone out of hand. Capital punishment plays significant, non-emotional role in Bengali social and political culture. I suggest that the death penalty becomes an unproblematic, indeed, preferred method and symbol of justice in this venue through a discursive process which reduces the underlying social issues to a battle between average citizens and evil murderers. Once so reduced, no costs of capital punishment can outweigh the justice of it. Ultimately these communications reveal a set of sensibilities about crime and punishment which seem to long for a detour from the civilizing path, in that the communicators seek to deny any interdependencies or empathies with those who commit violent crime, while working to unleash punishment from its institutional restraints.

Table of Content
* The facts of Death Penalty
* Why is this analysis appropriate?
* Why the Law Charge someone death penalty?
* The recent example of charging a prosecution the death penalty * Questions regarding hypothesis
* Methodology
* Identify the method used to identify and locate sources * Explain the rationale used for selecting the sources to analyse * Explain the procedures to be used for analysing the sources * Identify the criteria for evaluating the information found. * Analysis and Discussion (General points to consider)

* Present evidence and ideas from sources
* Concepts are organized by sub-topics
* Sources are grouped by concepts instead of individual entities * Grouping may be related to research questions.
* Validity of sources is stated to support your ultimate answers to your questions. * Cite each of your statements by placing the numbers identifying the references which support the statement. * Conclusions and Recommendations

* What perception do we achieve from death penalty
* Systematically answer your research questions
* Provide recommendations for
* Future research
* Real life applications
* Programs taken by the tribunal
* Other warranted situations
* References
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude I give to our Honourable Faculty Mr Abdur Selim who allowed me to proceed with this significant topic. I would also like to thanks Samsia Sifat whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me to coordinate my project especially in writing this project. Furthermore I would like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of the Tasmia Akhter, which helped me to assemble the parts and gave suggestion about the task “Specify name”. I have to appreciate the guidance given by others as well as the panels especially in my project presentation that has improved my presentation skills ; thanks to their comment and advices.

1. The facts of death penalty:
There are some facts about death penalty in our society. Some of the facts with the actual representation of the social perspective are given below: MYTH #1: Innocent people are not executed
Professionals in the jail know that innocent prisoners have been executed. Over 15% of death row prisoners in the Bangladesh may be innocent.
 MYTH #2: The death penalty reduces crime
The death penalty does not deter crime. It stimulates criminal activity, by brutalizing the population.  
MYTH #3: The death penalty saves money
The death penalty costs tax-payers millions more dollars than a sentence of life without parole. This...
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