Business Research Methods Part Iii

Topics: Coffee, Paid survey, Question Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: August 23, 2010
Business Research Methods Part III
University of Phoenix

July 28, 2010

Business Research Methods Part III

A survey was conducted to determine whether or not Starbucks should introduce lunch and dinner foods to the menu. Three thousand individuals were surveyed at various retail locations and malls. A series of 11 questions regarding the likes and dislikes of current food and beverage choices as well as possible future lunch and dinner options revealed several findings for Starbucks. Starbucks has decided to analyze the data as follows. If, 60% of the individuals answered Agree or above on a question Starbucks would accept. Furthermore, if seven of the eleven questions received 60% in the Agree or above column, the decision to introduce lunch and dinner foods will be exercised. Data Analysis

According to this data the three highest scoring questions showed that 77% of the population surveyed would consider having lunch or dinner at Starbucks if offered. 83% of these individuals have confidence that the food served would be of good quality. Additionally 71% feel these foods would not deter them from purchasing coffee beverages. It is very important that when introducing new products the value and consumption of the current high quality coffee does not diminish. Starbucks believes the high score in these categories strengthens and confirms the hypothesis. Further analysis of the survey data shows that nine of the eleven questions received a 60% in the Agree and above category. Two questions scored below the required level for acceptance. When asked if individuals would switch from which they currently eat lunch and dinner to Starbucks if they offered more food options only 28% agreed. Moreover, only 41% agreed that they would be willing to spend five to ten dollars on lunch and dinner at Starbucks. The organization can assume that current economic strains may have a large affect on the willingness to spend. “Cutting back on spending is...

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