Research Methodology

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The term methodology refers to the overall approaches and perspectives to the research process as a whole. The term “research design” refers to the way an investigator applies a logical structure to his/her research project. The function of this step in the research process is to make sure that the data gathered is sufficient and appropriate for answering the research questions completely and unambiguously. The important thing to remember about the research design selection is that the researcher is never locked into using any one “best” design. There are many acceptable ways to conduct a research. The only selection criterion is that the method chosen must provide the best possible conclusions. In this particular research, considering the research objectives, the researcher has applied a combination of both Quantitative and Qualitative research designs (Collis & Hussey, 2009) (McNabb, 2004).

The researcher applied exploratory study which is a type of Quantitative Design. Exploratory studies are small-sample designs used primarily for gaining insights and ideas about research problem (here it is the good governance and effectiveness of consumer court, Lahore) and the variables associated with those problems (such as good citizenship and level of awareness). These types of studies are sometime referred to as “pilot studies” and in this research it is targeting the educated citizens of Pakistan, especially of Lahore. The exploratory study helped the researcher to gain greater understanding of the problem, that is, effectiveness of Consumer Courts in Lahore and Good governance. It also helped the researcher identify variables that may be only tangentially or marginally related to the problem. The data for this research is gathered from the primary and secondary sources, both. The researcher got the record of past activities of DCC, Lahore directly from the said courts.

A single question survey (pilot survey) was conducted...
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