Research Methodology

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This research entitled “A Survey On The Monthly Income Of The Residents Of Brgy. 788” uses a “quasi-experimental” research design in which the surveys given were assigned to the residents of the said barangay in a certain wave of measurement. Along with the quasi-experimental design, the research also uses a “regression-discontinuity design” in where the respondents are classified among the monthly income they receive, how many family members they have and if they either think their income is enough for their needs or not.

In general, this baby thesis used a quasi-experimental design, which means that the survey given was assigned only to selected working residents of Brgy. 788. But the respondents that were chosen were randomized when it came to the occupations and monthly income that they have. This kind of design is preferred rather than using a design that only focuses on one type of group because the study implies on all types of jobs, since the main idea of this research focuses on the different amounts of monthly income the respondents have, and how it affects their lives. The design used is accurate enough for the purpose of this study since it controls the balance between choosing a certain community, but also randomizing the respondents.


The respondents chosen for this baby thesis are randomized family providers from Barangay 788. They were interviewed and surveyed about their occupation and monthly income. There are 20 respondents that were interviewed and surveyed out of the 470 residents in Barangay 788. All of the respondents in this baby thesis are all registered voters and are currently working in different companies and associations in Manila.

The data gathering procedure done in this study is conducting an interview to the respondents, accompanied by a survey that were given to them after the said interview. Shown below is a copy of...
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