Management Report on Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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1.2 Objectives

The main objective of this report is to gain a practical knowledge of management of an organization.

1.3 Scope of the Report

The report will be concentrating on a distinct organization on the basis of the concept we have got from our study of Principles of Management. We also take help from other sources. It will not contain in-depth study from any other source accept some books and interview of some manager of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

1.4 Methodology

The entire report was dependent solely on secondary data, taken from the annual report of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and books. •Some primary data were obtained by interview.

1.5 Limitations

The limitations to produce this report are as follows:-

The accuracy of the report depends upon the accuracy of the information furnished by our text book and from annual report of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as well. •Inadequate knowledge in studying reports.

Lack of in-depth understanding of certain terms and concepts prevented us from going into details. •Lacks of research.
Time limitation is also been there.

2.0 Profile of Square

Square is one of the leading private limited company of our country. It is also doing some sort of business out side the country as well.


3.0 Organogram of Square


Managing Director

4.0 Organizational Goals

5.0 Organizational Plans

6.0 Barriers towards Goals

We all know it that Square is one of the leading private limited company in our country. They are not only doing their business in our country. They also do export their medicines in some African countries. Though they are very much stable in their position, but, they have to face some barriers to set goals. Major barriers are:

Political Barriers

This is major and most complicated hazards for all types of business in our country are the uncertainty of the politics. Our culture of politics is totally polluted by different occurrence. Professionalism towards money makes our politics dark. So, it is one of the major barriers for the business organization. Because, if any organization goes for plan even for few years, they don’t feel secure. That’s why no foreign investors show any interest to invest in our local market.

Global Environment

After a certain time there won’t be any boundary for the business organization to do their business. Because, globalization is going to be happened very fast. For this, the business organizations have to face more competition and that’s why the environment is changing very fast. It’s difficult for any company which usually does business in their local market to cope up with this huge change.

Lack in Resources Deployment

We all know it that the resource is limited, but, the want is unlimited. But, we have to have the proper idea about the availability of resource. Those resources have to

be deployed properly. But, most of the time the resources are not proportionate with the plan done by the organization. Ultimately, they found themselves in vain.

New Competitors

With the time new competitors are coming up with their business. It’s one of the barriers. Because, when an organization does plan then they usually do it for 2-3 years. So, when they see that new competitors are coming in this business then they need to change their strategy which may have an effect on their planning.

7.0 Way to Overcome Barriers

Motivated Work Force

Most of the time the people who are working in the organization even doesn’t know their goals and what their organization actually wants from them. So, organization should make its employees to work for them...

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 Annual Report
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