MGT 105 Mod 1 Homework

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Essentials of Management
Larry Kuhn
Allied American University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Essentials of Management, Module 1 Homework Assignment taught by Dr. Justin Barclay.

You will need to access the Module 1 Homework Assignment Template in order to complete the second part of this assignment. The Module 1 Homework Assignment Template appears on the Homework Assignment Introduction page in iBoard.

PART I: Short Response Questions

Directions: Please provide responses to the questions below. If necessary, please use examples or information from the textbook; however, please be sure to not copy any information directly from the text, the Module 1 Lecture Notes, or the Internet. Please use proper APA citations for any resources that you use. For concise APA formatting guidelines, please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC). Your responses should be at least 100 words in length for each question.

1.What are the four basic functions that make up the management process? How are they related to one another? Provide an in-depth explanation. 1. Planning and Decision-making, this function will determine the course of action. The Planning will set the goals and decide the best course of action to reach those goals. The decision-making involve the selecting the best course of action in reaching those goals. 2. Organizing, here managers will conduct grouping activities and involve available recsources.

3. Leading, this is where you start get people to work together to better the interest of the organization.
4. Controlling, Involves monitoring your plan and the progress of the organization as it works towards the goals. It insures that the organization effectively and efficiently achieves these goals.

2.Describe the principles of scientific management and administrative management. What assumptions do these perspectives make about workers? Do you believe that these assumptions are valid? After watching the video about CISCO that is included in the Module 1 Lecture Notes, how does leading from the middle versus command and control show the impact of these changes in management theory? If you read the article From teamwork to collaboration, explain how the principles of scientific management and administrative management affect teamwork and collaboration in the modern work environment.

Scientific Management principles are concerned with how they can improve the overall performance of the individual workers and improve the efficiency of their work. The administrative management is looking out for what is best for the organization. There focus is managing the total organization rather than individuals. Yes I believe that assumptions are valid because you need to be lookout out for both sides of the organization. The CEO in the Cisco video talked about how he had to step back and let the middle management come together and come up with a decision that was as llllgood as or ever better than his own idea.

3.Describe the systems perspective. Why is a business organization considered an open system? A set of elements functioning as a whole, as a system is composed of four elements, Inputs, transformation processes, outputs, and feedback. They are considered an open system because they interact with their environment.

4.Describe the basic levels of international business involvement. Why might a firm use more than one level at the same time? Why do businesses consider becoming an international business? The basic levels are exporting and importing, licensing, strategic alliances, and direct investment. They will do more than one level at the same time to benefit the company like direct investment in one country and then importing and exporting. Businesses will go global to increase international activity and become more competitive.

5.Do organizations have ethics? Why or why not? How do companies...
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