Cost Analysis -Parle G

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Cost Analysis Of Parle-G
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This is to certify that project titled Cost sheet analysis of Parle-G has been submitted by our group towards partial fulfillment of Costing project and has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Jayesh Jain at IES MCRC. The matter presented in this report has not been submitted for any other purpose in this institute. GUIDE: Prof. Jayesh Jain

PLACE: Mumbai
We hereby declare that this report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the project to IES Management College is our original work. We further certify that we have no objection and grant the rights to IES Management College to publish our report if they deem fit in journals/ magazines and newspapers without our permission. Place : Mumbai

Date : 2nd September,2008
YogeshKumar Periwal - 78
Class : PGDM B
We would like to express our profound gratitude towards Prof. Jayesh Jain for his able guidance and keen interest in the successful completion of this project. We also take the opportunity to thank all those people who have given their valuable time and support to successfully complete the project. The major objectives of the study are as follows :

To study the SWOT analysis of Parle - G so as to make an internal and external assessment of Parle - G so that core capabilities and competencies of Parle - G is understood. To get a detailed understanding of how the costs to various products of the same company are allocated. INDIAN BISCUIT INDUSTRY Easy Availability : Parle G is a product which is easily available everywhere, even at remotest places. It is one such biscuit which one can find at retail shops to malls and even at the paan-walas. Nutritional Value Snack : Parle G is a glucose biscuit having high nutritional value. Per 100g it has 453 calories of energy and 6.5g protein. Parle – G is often called as a source of strength for mind and body. In-house production : Parle G has its own in-house production units unlike ITC and Britannia who outsource their manufacturing. Consistency in Quality: Quality of Biscuits manufactured is consistent. There has been no compromise on quality even when the input prices have increased tremendously. Detailed Guidelines : The packs of Parle –G biscuits has a detailed note on how to tear the pack along the dotted lines which according to the consumers is very essential so that there is no breakage of biscuits like it happens with other brands. Economies of scale : Parle –G biscuits are manufactured on a very large scale as the demand is high which helps them to take advantage of economies of scale. Even the manufacturing units at many places around India help them to reduce their transportation cost. Less attractive Packaging : Parle-G has a very simple packaging cover since its inception. It needs to be more attractive and innovative with the changing time. Weak Coverage in Eastern India and Tamil Nadu: Distribution Channel of Parle -G is weak in eastern India and in Tamil Nadu. The Company must try to enhance its distribution in these areas. Promotion/Advertisement: Parle-G can use effective advertising strategies to promote the product. It can use big and famous personalities like its competitors Britannia and ITC. Distribution Networks: it should strengthen its distribution network in Tamil Nadu and South where it is weak because the southern side of India has a huge market for milk biscuits. Competition From other Market Players : Competiton from other Big and small players like Britannia and Priya Gold entering the market is a big threat to Parle G.Even ITC which has acquired a 7 % market share in the biscuits market within a short period of time. Change in Consumer Tastes and...
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