Management and Leadership

Topics: Management, Project management, Team Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: October 11, 2013
2.0 Problems
There are few problems occurs on (S&L) company in Copenhagen, Denmark: 2.1 The deadlines for presenting the reports have been failed. 2.2 The morale spirit in the project team was down.

2.3 The state of needing a suitable person to be the Project Manager. 3.0 Reasons for the Problems
3.1 The management system failed to monitor the employee performances. This will result for the slack of staff and not able to keep up with the company work. 3.2 The top management was unable to hire the right person to lead the team. Each team members psychological state are at minimum level. 3.3 Paul Johnson, current Project Manager do not possess the leadership skill and right ways to manage the project team.

5.0 Evaluation of Suggestion
After having each of the candidate strong and weak details being pointed out: 5.1 Ruth
At my opinion, Ruth has a strong leadership skill with high self-confident level. She is a person who have clear goal and deadlines meet in time. She will keep up and monitors her employees performances to ensure her target is achieved. This will made her a good manager.

5.2 Eduardo
Personally, he’s a humble and generous person who made everyone like to cooperate with him. He has the capabilities to solve problems and treats everyone fair but not being decisive when making a decision individually. This proves that he’s not suitable for the project manager post.

5.3 Kazuo
He is a democratic person who love to consult ideas from his subordinates and holds the principle of harmony when a discussion takes place. He is still in the process to learn to manage multicultural groups and hardworking to achieve his goal. This is not the right person to lead a project team.

5.4 Martina
She is...
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