Monsters, Inc.

Topics: Natural resource, Natural environment, Resource Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: December 19, 2005
Spike Hoban
Civics Period 3

Monsters, Inc.

The movie Monsters, Inc. is based on an electric company in the monster world. The company, Monsters, Inc. produces electricity for their city through obtaining screams of children and refining the screams into clean energy to run the city. And like any company in any kind of world, monster or human, things need to run smoothly. Many things need to fall into place for a company or business to become successful and obtain profitability. Certain resources need to be used, human resources need to be paid close attention to, and a competitive environment is needed for a company to run fast and efficient.

The four different factors of production the screams as natural resources, the factory and refineries as capital, the scaring and other workers as labor, and Mr. Waternoose as the entrepreneur who started the company.

Monsters, Inc. produces clean energy from the screams of little children for all of Monstropolis and its monsters.
The treatment of any company's human resources greatly affects its productivity, which is why it is something that needs to be paid attention to. If a company ignores there workers the workers may feel neglected and revolt against there employers.

The productivity of the company greatly reduced because of human breaches and entire scare floors having to be shut down, and because of this the morale of the workers greatly reduced
Laughter is actually the most productive use of the natural resource of children. When "Boo" escaped through her closet into Monstropolis Mike and Sully had to hide her from the CDA. To keep "Boo" from crying, Mike had to make her laugh, but when she did laugh, the electricity would go haywire and things would short out.

The idea of competition is expressed throughout the movie by keeping track of the amount of scare points produced by each monster, and every monster wanted to have the most scare points because they then would become popular around the...
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