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Syllabus as of October 10, 2012

NYU/Stern Executive MBA Program B01.2310.87: Marketing Spring, 2013 Professor Priya Raghubir Office: Tisch 809; Phone: 212.998.0727; Fax: 212.995.4006 e-mail:; Web: Course Objectives As the core Marketing course in the EMBA program, the objectives of this course are: 1. To introduce you to the role of marketing in organizations; 2. To teach the basic concepts and tools used in marketing, including: - Elements of marketing analysis: customers, competition, company - Elements of the marketing mix: the 4 P’s; 3. To assist in learning how to apply these concepts and to practice making decisions through: - In-class case analyses (exposing you to examples of successful and unsuccessful marketing applications in the first part of the course) - Final Project 4. To improve presentation and writing skills and provide opportunities to articulate and defend positions via written individual assignments and a group project and presentation. The overall theme of the course is to emphasize the process of thinking: qualitatively, quantitatively, and strategically, using concrete, real-life practical examples as specific exemplars, drawing from both traditional areas of marketing as well as newer areas including online social media and pharmaceutical marketing. Course Materials Text: Winer and Dhar, Marketing Management, 4th ed., Prentice Hall (2010). The course consists primarily of case discussions and lectures. The cases and lectures will complement the

Syllabus as of October 10, 2012
text and will not attempt to cover all points raised in the reading. Course Grading Case write ups (4 x 10%) Mid Term Final group project Class participation 40% 25% 25% 10%

Guidelines for Case Analyses and the Group Project are appended. Participation enriches the quality of our classroom and your learning experience, and also makes up a significant portion of your grade. For effective class participation you need to have read the assigned materials before the class session. Case discussions are a critical component of the learning process for this course. I might "cold call" on you, asking you questions about the assigned material and your opinions. You should be prepared to contribute to every case discussion. Note that the quality of your participation is what counts, not the amount you participate in each class. Effective class participation includes your 1) asking questions about concepts you have either not understood from the book or agree or disagree with; 2) sharing your experience or point of view with the class; 3) building on points raised by others; 4) relating topics discussed to previous class discussions, particularly lectures based on the topics, or previous case analyses. Class attendance is mandatory. Regular and punctual attendance is a necessary but not a sufficient criterion for high class participation grades. Please do not come to class late as this distracts other class members and me. Once you are in class, please do not leave the class for any reason. Switch off all cell phones, pagers etc. before you enter the classroom. The course outline is attached. It may change during the course of the term. It is your responsibility to follow class announcements.

Class Participation.

Syllabus as of October 10, 2012
Course Outline SECTION 1: MARKETING STRATEGY: 3 Cs: Company, Customer, Competition and STP: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 1. Introduction to Course, Case Analyses, and Marketing Math Winer and Dhar, Case: Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Note: Basic Quantitative Analysis for Marketing Jan 8th, Chapters # 1 and 2 HBS 4249-PDF-ENG HBS 9-584-149

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