Topics: Psychology, Counseling psychology, Clinical psychology Pages: 7 (1367 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Autumn 2012
MWF 11:30 – 12:25
Psychology Building, Room 002

Instructor: Eric Currence, Ph.D.Office: 130 Lazenby Hall Email:
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:30 – 11:30, or by appointment

This syllabus is an important reference tool for the course. Please consult the syllabus for answers to general course questions.

Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the history, theories, research, and practice of counseling psychology. While we will discuss counseling skills, this is not a lab course and students will not develop hands-on counseling skills in this course. The history as well as the current status of the profession of counseling psychology will be discussed. In addition, the values of the field and underlying assumptions will be described. We will explore scientific, professional, and ethical aspects of counseling psychology. Finally, we will discuss specific issues and challenges that confront the field of counseling psychology.

Course Objectives:
1. To provide an introduction to the profession and specialty of counseling psychology and to distinguish counseling psychology from other applied psychology professions as well as distinguish it from other, related human-service professions. 2. To provide an overview of the process of counseling with individuals, couples, families, and children. 3. To introduce professional and ethical issues that impact the field of counseling psychology.

Required Text:
Todd, J. & Bohart, A. C. (2006). Foundations of clinical and counseling psychology (4th ed.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press, Inc.

EXAMS: There will be three exams administered in this course. Exams I and II only cover material assigned since the previous exam. The third exam is the final exam and will be administered at the time indicated by the Registrar’s Office for the final exam. The final exam is cumulative and covers all material from the course. All three exams will have a combination of multiple choice, true-false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short answers and material for the exams will be taken from the assigned readings as well as material presented during class (including videos and speakers). The first two exams are worth 45 points each and the final exam is worth 75 points.

** Please be on time on exam days. Due to test security issues, if you arrive after the first person has turned in their exam and left the room, you will take the essay make-up exam during the exam class time.

Make-up Exams: Make-up exams will only be given to those who present valid medical excuses, with a doctor’s note, for their failure to appear for the regularly scheduled examination, or to persons who have a written request for an alternate examination time approved by the instructor prior to the regularly scheduled exam date for a university-sanctioned activity. Make-up exams will cover the same material as those given at the times indicated above, but they will be all essay in format.

Comment on Lectures: The lectures in this course are intended to supplement the assigned reading. While many of the topics in the text will be covered in the lectures, not all of the material from the reading assignments will be covered during class time. However, you are still responsible for learning that material. In addition, some lecture topics will not appear in your reading assignments but WILL be covered on the exams. Students are encouraged to raise questions about the reading material during class or during the instructor’s office hours.

Video or audio recording of class lecture is by permission of instructor only and will only be permitted when approved as an accommodation for a documented disability as determined by the OSU Office of Disability Services. Please see the instructor to complete appropriate consent forms.

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