Mabo unity

Topics: Indigenous peoples, Land rights, Survival International Pages: 2 (1049 words) Published: May 28, 2015
A Place card in one of the archival protest scenes claims “Unity is strength.” How does Mabo illustrate the importance of Unity? In the 2012 Rachel Perkins production ‘Mabo’ a placard in one of the archival protests scenes claims “unity is strength” in the film Mabo we see the real importance of unity. Mabo is the story of the life of Eddie Mabo, a passionate and dedicate man who is willing to fight for his rights and the rights of others until his last breath. He would have not been able to achieve what he had without the knowledge, support, love he was given by others and the impact of many voices rather than just one. The relationship between Eddie and his wife, Netta demonstrates how unity offers strength to Eddie. When Mabo establishes the school for Indigenous children of the community, Mabo employs the ‘union model’ to illustrate how Indigenous rights might be achieved and when the lawyers approached Mabo and helped him with his case it showed the emerging unity between the Indigenous and white Australians. The film shows not only unity between everybody as a whole no matter what the colour of your skin is, and change can only be undertaken when many stand together as one –when unity provides strength. Mabo brings together the Indigenous people through his political and social causes to help succeed in his land right claims. Mabo establish a school for the Indigenous children of the community so that they can get an education and a place where they feel like they belong and not discriminated against; Mabo’s unionism is driven to help improve the lives of others. Mabo quits his job in order to fight for “black causes" and starts a housing community schools to always find a way to help Indigenous people in "any way we can". He says to Netta he wants to help people and build a sense of unity. Together they start a school for Indigenous children, with Eddie Mabo the headmaster and Netta as a teacher of traditional Indigenous culture. Their struggle has...
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