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Mabo Practice Essay
Tina Tran 210147
Theme: ‘Mabo is a film about pride.’ Discuss

The 1992 Landmarks High Court case abolishing the doctrine of ‘Terra Nullius’; the foundation of Australia’s settlement paved way for the ‘Native Title Act 1993’. Following the 20 year commemoration of the Mabo decision, the 2012 telemovie ‘Mabo’ directed by Rachel Perkins was released. It depicts the life of Murray Islander man and activist Eddie Koiki Mabo and his family in his grueling fight for land rights. Pride comes before the fall – the ego of one stems destruction. Pride is a sense of satisfaction derived from one’s achievements. It is also a feeling of self-worth and dignity. Eddie is of Murray Island decent and this background stems a lot of pride. The Indigenous race have suffered from racist values of society and it is Eddie’s pride in his race that stems his battle for justice and equality.

The culture of the Meriam People forms a big part of his identity which he takes great pride in. Though he was exiled from Murray Island at a young age, he still associates himself to being an Islander and takes great pride in being so. When he first introduces himself to Netta, he uses his Indigenous name – “Whitefellas’ name Eddie, but it’s Koiki for real.” Eddie is introducing himself to a girl he seemingly likes a lot evident by over-the-shoulder-shots between the two and Eddie’s stunned and giddy expression shown by the close-ups on his face. The audience may interpret this introduction as just a cultural agenda as Netta too looks to be Indigenous. However most may associate his introduction as Eddie being proud of his race. Eddie wants people to know that he is proud of being Indigenous and this is shown when Eddie nags Netta for his “good shirt” so he can “look black”. This can be interpreted by some viewers as Eddie being proud of his race. However, his wanting for whiter shirt so he can appear “blacker” can be more likely perceivable to him being excited and...
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