Eddie Mabo is not only a hero of the film Mabo?

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Supreme Court of the United States / Pages: 2 (728 words) / Published: Sep 3rd, 2014
In the film , the director Rachel Perkin demonstrate us that Eddie Mabo is a hero . He commit himself fully to fight tirelessly for aboriginal rights of land. In the process , Eddie Mabo get much support by his wife, his lawyers, his friends. These people sacrifice something and bear pressure for supporting Eddie Mabo. So these people also are heroes. Meanwhile , Australia government also is anti-hero, the government admit the mistake and reconcile with aboriginals and apology.
Nera . Eddie Mabo’s wife. As a wife she bring up their family with Eddie often absent, ans in the early days has to work at night in a prawn-packing factory to help when she heavily pregnant with their fourth child. Nera’s support for Eddie does not only involve bringing up their family for Eddie,she also develops deep faith in his cause, her attitude changed completely. In the early,she says to Eddie”if you do not stop mixing with those commos I am leaving you and take children away from you.After she hears about The Aboriginal Advancement League from Eddie,she becomes a committed worker for aboriginal right She teaches aboriginal children skill in the Aboriginal school Eddie establishes . When the family receive death threats, Eddie wants to send Nera and children away, but Nera says she is not going anywhere. In fact , she is aware of the danger,but she still stay with Eddie Mabo , not going to run away from Eddie Mabo. Those situation show us Nera is strong, loyal , hard-working . So Nera is a hero. Bryan Keon-Cohen is Eddie Mabo’s lawyer. After Eddie Mabo lose his land-right case in supreme court, Eddie decide to take the case to the High Court ,he meet Bryan Melbourne,this is their first meet.As a lawyer he tirelessly fight for Eddie’s cause. He know there is no money in the case for him and his action is also likely to lose him many other big briefs such as with mining companies or with government. Bryan’s friend says to him:” you’re gonna have to think very carefully, Bryan.

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