Saving Sourdi

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February 25, 2013

“Saving Sourdi”

The story “Saving Sourdi” is by May-Lee Chai describes the protagonist Nea. Nea has very noticeable qualities, but the one that fits her best is being “protective”. Nea is very protective over her older sister Sourdi.

First, Nea is protective in the family restaurant. Nea and her sister Sourdi is working late in the restaurant as some drunken men come in, and the bother Sourdi. Nea stabs one of them yelling “get away from my sister!”(129). Nea mom asks her what happen and she said, “he was hurting Sourdi!”(129).Nea was trying to protect Soudri from getting hurt. She was willing to do anything she had to, to protect her from them dangerous men. Saying, “I don’t care!” I hissed then. “I shoulda killed him! I shoulda killed that sucker!” (129). She would have killed him without thinking to protect Sourdi by all mean necessary.

Secondly, Nea was trying to protect Sourdi from Duke. Where Duke takes them to an open field, which was a cornfield and it’s like they sitting inside a bowl. Where Sourdi starts to run wildly and Nea thinks she was running away from Duke. So she catches up with her and “put her arms around her” (133). Nea tries to comfort Sourdi, so she tries by “pushing Duke away” (132). Nea is being protective by trying to stop Duke from hurting Sourdi.

Finally, Nea and Duke go to protect Sourdi from her husband. Nea told Duke that they had to drive to Des Moines to save Sourdi. “We have to go get her.” (137). She was trying to save her from being hurt. Nea was trying to persuade Duke to believe something was wrong with Sourdi. When there really was not anything major wrong. Nea was trying to protect Sourdi from all the times she protect her. When Nea said “come on Sourdi, let’s go” (140). She wanted to take Sordid back home with her. This is a way of Nea being protective over her sister...

Cited: Chai, May-Lee, “Saving Sourdi.” The Bedford Introduction to Literature. Ed. Michael Meyer. 9th ed. Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2011. 170-181. Print.
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