Low cost airline

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Low cost airline
For low cost airline their aim is to achieve offer low price and no-frills for the customer to let the customer to get profit from the lower price. The industry believes in providing convenient services on their passenger to by making traveling easier and affordable. Hassle-free, no-frills, and low fare services for their target market, convenience of their target market. The industry believes in providing convenient services on their passenger to by making traveling easier and affordable Some of the companies are small company, the small asset they have, they cannot afford to supply whole range service like Singapore airline. Because they haven’t enough money, with out money they can hardly to compete with the large airline company, so they will be happy to expend their advantage to save the cost in order to make the price lower to meet most low level segment. Not every one have money to pay first class tickets, it is too expensive for them. A Large number of persons in the world are workers. They can only accept economic class which is cheaper. In order to target this group of people, which is large number, some low cost airlines have no food to offer, no airport lounges, and no choice of seats for passengers and others. Using only one kind of aircraft, one market segments and more seats are crammed within the plane. Point-to-point traffic with low fares or price and eliminates all unwanted services. In this low cost carrier achieve high levels of economic densities along with their operation on short- and medium-haul flights. Low cost carrier has significant cost advantages by increasing productivity and output, which means Low cost carrier also gives emphasis on less congested and smaller airports, which are more adorable. Such airports are often regarded as the ‘secondary’ airports in contrast to main and larger airports which is called, ‘primary’ airports Low-cost carriers vie with charter airlines which offer up to one third of their...
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