Strategic Management Competitor Analysis of Ryanair

Topics: Cost, Competition, Technology Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Competitor Analyisis:
Strategy: They are using a low cost strategy, so they compete between companies about price and better offers to better destinations. But also they compete with other airlines more expensive, no related to low cost companies , for new comodities and technologies and the young sector. Ryaniar is one of the strongest competitors in the low cost companies because it has the lowest cost in the airlines market. Their competitor's current goals are to achieve the most passangers as possible , and also to achieve the cheapest tickets and most attirant ones. These goals , Ryianair satisfies them in a very hard competitive way. But their competitors are following it by no so far, so perhaps, our firm should take a differentiation strategy, which has started by taking more competitive measures reducing our costs, for instance, work with secondary airports. I think this goals may change by also achieving the more technological advances and commodities as possible, and on those aspect ryanair has his weakeness in comparison to other airlines. Our competitors knows that we are a hard obstacle to beat, cause we are the cheapest airline nowadays in the market, we achieve the lowest cost in production of our flights and we have a strong average in punctuality. So they take an agressive way of competition. However, they also know about our weakeness, they know that we don't have inter-continental flights, that we don't have nmany direct destinantions, that we work with secondary airports, which give us a great advantage in tickets' prices, but also our costumers must pay a little bit more to get to their final destinations; and they also know that we only offer our client a simple ticket with simple commodities, anything else, so they find a seat, with a magazine and thir arrival to their destinantions, but they don't find TVs or music, or not even reclinable seats. And our costumers know that , but they are important points to take into account as the...
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