Easyjet Marketing Analysis

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2. Marketing Activities and Results2
2.1 Marketing Activities2
2.2 Results3
3. Environmental Changes and Responses3
3.1 Macro-environmental and Micro-environmental Changes3 3.2 Responses4
3.3 Analysis of Responses4
4. Evaluation of Marketing Strategies4
5. Summery and Recommendation5
6. Appendix:7
7. Reference9

Marketing Analysis of easyJet


With the demand on transportation and advancements on technologies, airline industry became one of the fastest developing industries on the world. These developments, high leveled competitive market and the never-ending demand on faster transportation reduced the plane ticket prices. As a result the low-cost airlines (LCA) are flourished. Undoubtedly one of the key players in this progression was easyJet. They are widely known with their cheaper tickets however their marketing strategy had never been that simple. Their market segmentation, different researches on customer habits, satisfaction and their diversified services depending on these factors leaded easyJet’s marketing activities.

This report will present and evaluate easyJet’s marketing activities over last three years, and then exhibit the findings on how it affected the company’s strategies. Secondly, it will argue the environmental changes that affected easyJet and say if easyJet reacted proactive or reactive on these changes. Finally, it will give a summary of the essay with offering a suggestion on easyJet’s marketing manager.

2. Marketing Activities and Results

Marketing activities are directly to associate easyJet with its customers. Confronted with the fierce competition recent years, easyJet had several approaches to promote its sales, expand its market share and strengthen its Orange brand image.

2.1 Marketing Activities

Nowadays, easyJet utilises social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and easyJet blog, to advertise its products and reinforce brand image in consumers’ daily life, and to get customers’ feedbacks directly and quickly. On almost every October, easyJet starts its summer holiday deals that release a large number of flights to various destinations in Europe next year. easyJet advertises that an earlier booking makes a greater discount. Therefore, customers can book flights from October for their summer holiday during March and July in a very long time advance. easyJet announces every news, events and sales on social media platforms constantly.

As the brand image is orange, easyJet has implemented its strategy ‘Turn Europe Orange’ (TEO) in 2011. It means easyJet aims to cover its airlines across Europe. Importantly, it can enlarge its market share of European airlines whilst leading all the European to recgnise the orange easyJet.

2.2 Results

The effects of the social media marketing are obvious. There are 54,885 followers on Twitter and about 120,000 people liked easyJet on Facebook. More proudly, it has won the Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe for Customer Product and Service Quality (easyJet, 2011). According to the holiday deals, the passenger number (see figure 1) grew dramatically from January to August, topping at around 5.2millions (2010) and 5.5millions (2011), and then fell vertically (Centre for Aviation, 2012). Effectively, easyJet has launched 74 new routes in 2012 and 2 new routes in 2013 across Europe (easyJet, 2012), comparing to 547 routes in the end of 2011 (easyJet, 2011). Customers of easyJet who come outside the UK increased 3 percent reaching to 56 percent in 2011 compared with those in 2010.

3. Environmental Changes and Responses

Environmental forces can affect businesses positively by driving sales and negatively by increasing the costs of products. Therefore, easyJet, based on the analysis of environmental changes, responds to those forces changes via marketing activities.

3.1 Macro-environmental and...
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