Love Song

Topics: Time, Thought, Hamlet Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: February 24, 2014
“Love Song” Discussion
A: Okay so what I thought was he goes into this description and there Is no mention of time, cause I went back and reread and this whole thing is about the moment and he is describing everything in such detail. And it end with, “Curled about the house, and fell asleep.” Which can be him and whoever he is with falling asleep then it transitions into “And indeed there will be time.” And it kind of just talks about how the world will move forward and what you don’t like about time happens. I thought of it as a positive because he was almost escaping time. B: Okay so he’s just like thinking about everything in this moment so time doesn’t exist anymore A: Yes

B: So when he says “Let fall upon the its back the soot falls from chimneys.” he almost personifying their sleep. Okay because I kind of saw it as him reflecting on his entire life and how there will be time to do all these things that I want to do but in the end is it worth it? And when he says “let us go then you and I.” maybe he's talking about the afterlife and saying what is the meaning of all of this until you get there. They also talk about Michelangelo, maybe because he’s dead but almost immortalized. A: He said “Do I dare” often and “how should I should I presume” I don’t know maybe that’s just the uncertainty if it all and like the things like he said let us go and take these risks but he questioned it. Just moments we overlook or miss out on because we don't know how to think. Then he talked about like in line 40 and on “my hair growing thin” “my arms are thin” “do I disturb the universe?” do I question time do I go out even though nature is taking its course B: And he says indeed there will be time to wonder do I dare like there will be time to think about the things that you should have done and maybe he regrets not doing some of them. Like he says “I have measured my life with coffee spoons” and he know the voices and has kind of been in the background. You know coffee...
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