Love and St. Augustine

Topics: Christianity, Prayer, Judaism Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Psalm 28 hernandez, mark anthony r.    (This is a psalm) of David v1      LORD, you are my rock. I am praying to you for help.     Do not turn your ears away from me.     If you hide your answer from me,       I will be as those people that go down into the pit. v2      Hear my voice when I pray for mercy.     I am asking you for help.     I am lifting up my hands towards your most holy place. v3      Do not drag me away with godless people,       or with people that have done very bad things.     They say kind words to their friends       but plan to do wrong things. v4      Give them what is fair for what they did       and for the bad things that they have done.     Pay them for the work of their hands       and bring back justice upon them. v5      (Do it) because they do not understand       the things that the LORD has done,       or the work of his hands.     He will tear them down,       he will not build them up again. v6      I say that the LORD does good things,       because he heard my voice when I prayed for mercy. v7      The LORD makes me strong. He is my shield.     My heart trusts in him and he gives me help.     Now my heart jumps for joy and I will thank him with my songs. v8      The LORD makes (his people) strong.     He is a safe and strong place for his Messiah. v9      Save your people and do good things for your inheritance.     Be the shepherd of (your people) and always lift them up. Word list ( ) . . these words are not in the Hebrew Bible

prayer ~ words that you say to God
LORD ~ a special name for God; only his people use it
mercy ~ being kind to bad people
holy ~ very, very good; only God is really holy
drag ~ pull in a way that is not kind
godless ~ people that do not obey God
justice ~ when right is the winner and not wrong
shield ~ something soldiers used; when it covered them nothing hit them trust ~believe that someone cares for you
joy ~ when we feel happy deep inside us
Messiah ~ a special servant of God; Jesus was...
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