Lukewarm: Want and Transitional Sentence

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Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:16

Attention: Have you guys ever had some lukewarm water and maybe a little bit of salt? what does that cause to happen usually? For many it’ll cause them to throw up, to vomit. Many of us are that lukewarm water and salt for God...

Situation: The problem is that we are neither hot nor cold. We want a little bit of both worlds we want to have one foot in the church and one foot outside of the church.

Transitional sentence: Maybe there are some people here who know they are one of these lukewarm people who are the cause of this act that happens in Revelation 3:16.

Sermon body


Point 1: We need to know who we are: Revelation 3:15 -If he knows our works than its important that we know our works and we understand whether we are hot, cold, or lukewarm.

Point 2: We need to pick a side: Revelation 3:16 - There is a side to be chosen we cannot continue living in the middle with one foot in church and with one in the world we need to come to peace with ourselves and choose.

Point 3: God is knocking: Revelation 3:20 - God is knocking at our hearts, and the only way you will be able to completely allow Him to enter your life is if you completely rid yourself of the things of this world.

Application: Short personal testimony about how I was lukewarm.

Transitional Sentence: Maybe there are some people struggling with this issue. Maybe you find yourself living a double life when we leave this sanctuary...

IV: Conclusion: God is in the business of saving souls... But there is a decision to be made. We need to realize who we are and after we figure out who we are then we need to choose a side and once that happens we will be able to better respond to the knocking that is at our heart.

Appeal: My appeal is that we can all examine our hearts or like Psalm 139:23 says search me God and know my heart... I challenge you to allow God to search your heart, your life at this...
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