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Topics: Bible, Ten Commandments, Moses Pages: 9 (3176 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Mlomeister has given me a link to this site. One day I am not going to get so angry at these types of things. It’s a fact of life and an age-old issue, one that is almost pointless to fight and refute because it is an incredibly emotional topic and requires a lot time and effort to understand. Not only that, but there are hundreds and hundreds of sites like this, each one gathering information from each other so they’ve created their own religion against religion. Not too many people will delve into the ‘why’s and how’s of things like this, it’s way easier to just nod and shake your fist, close your eyes and form your opinions without doing anything to make sure that your opinions are based on literal fact, on truth. I was definitely, definitely one of those people. The negative bandwagon is so easy to jump on too, who wants to look into something they are scared of the answers too anyways? Answers to these things means we have to give up control to a God who clearly has judged man, using death.

And although I am so reluctant to turn my blog into a theological battleground, because it is not my strength nor my forte, I feel it is my duty to show how misconstrued information can get when put into the minds of angry, ignorant people, becaus this site was brought to my attention. I am not the kind of person that seeks argument or debate, but I feel it is my duty to show what happens when you follow a recipe but start from the 5th ingredient down and get angry when your bread doesn’t rise. It’s as simple as that, really. This post is written by me and by M who helped me find the historical fact and information I needed.

Please note: I believe that Yahweh is our Creator. I believe everything in the book of Genesis, if you want to look into this stuff, here is a great site, and I believe it also has links to other sites with information on it as well, just so you don’t think that I’m only pulling information from one source. That said, my ultimate source for the bottom line is the Bible even though I have to do research to fully understand it because I haven't spent years studying it. I believe that God is just, that He doesn’t blink in the eyes of sin and look the other way. I believe whatever I’ve done in this life I will be judged for in the end, because God is perfect and I am not. (easy to admit to another human that you’re not perfect, but when you bring an ’invisible’ God into it’ a different ball game, isn’t it ;) ) You could be the cleanest, best person on the earth, but you still fall short of the Glory of God, no matter how awesome and righteous you think you are. I believe God is a loving God and one who wants the best for us. And I believe that asking questions will get me the answers I’ve been seeking, not just because the bible tells me so, but because it comes with having integrity and making sure that what I believe is the truth. I believe one must read the bible in a holistic fashion to learn its full meaning.

I figured I’d better get these things out of the way first so you can have a better understanding of where I am coming from. :)

It’s so incredibly easy to blanket the entire Christian religion as fundamentalist assholes that want to kill all homosexuals, based on a few fanatics. It’s like saying “all Muslims” are terrorists, when obviously they all aren’t. It’s easy to blanket every Christian based on the opinions or actions of the "Convience Christians” around you, which is what I did. I did this and I didn’t really look into Christianity, I just thought “screw that, if that’s a Christian, count me out”. Then I grew up. And asked questions. And got answers, asked more, got answers. I was/am hyper-aware of making assumptions and make sure that before a full impression and opinion is made, I know all sides. And I know without a doubt that the answers that don’t make sense, will, because it happens to me time and time again. I see rape, pillaging, murder of innocent victims in the...
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