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Task 1 – 1.1

Supervisions need to be ongoing to be as effective as possible and it gives the opportunity to reflect on the development of the staff in the setting. It allows us to reflect and consider outside training for extra support, guidance and the opportunity to refresh some of their skills and even learn new skills. Supervisions help to build relationships with the individual and improve their quality of work and give support to their particular needs, whereas staff meetings are for us all to participate as a team. During supervisions we can assess how the practitioner is finding their role and if they are working with the team. It is important that throughout the supervision the practitioner is getting the support that is needed. There will be a designated mentor to the practitioner so that they can get help and support during their job, also to help with the paper work and how it works. The designated mentor is normally the senior of the room that the member of staff has been placed into. The mentor can also make sure that the practitioner is keeping up to date with their work and that they are doing it correctly. Having the mentor in place can reduce the stress from the practitioner, as many of them are too nervous to ask questions to their manager when they are first starting out in the setting. We also use appraisals as supervisions. This gives the opportunity for all the staff to give feedback about how they feel they are getting on in the setting. Aspects in which the members of staff are struggling with can then be looked at and addressed in the appropriate manner e.g. extra support sessions with their work, more time out to do their work etc. Also during the appraisals they are able to continue personal and professional development activities and plan for the next 6 to 12 months and future goals are also set.
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