HSC 33 Reflect on and develop your practice

Topics: Human rights, Human resource management, Sit-in Pages: 6 (2495 words) Published: April 24, 2015
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Whilst at work today I had my appraisal from my supervisor and this was also attended by my SVQ assessor. My SVQ assessor carried out this direct observation for my, HSC 33 unit – Reflect on and develop your knowledge. I had previously asked my manager if it was ok for my assessor to sit in on my appraisal and she was unsure about this as she thought this should be a private matter between my supervisor and I. I explained that I was more than happy for my SVQ assessor to sit in on the appraisal so my manager agreed. SSSC 2.6 declaring issues that might create conflicts of interest and making sure they do not influence your judgement or practice. This was not in-fringing on my Human Rights. The Human Rights Act 1998 guarantees basic human rights, this example: the right to freedom of thought and conscience, is my undertaking of the situation I found myself in when I asked my manager to have my assessor sit in on my supervision. It is my employer’s responsibility to ensure that I receive regular appraisal and supervision times, to set goals for training and development as well as support from the line manager. Today’s appraisal was planned in advance so it gave me time to reflect on any areas I thought I needed help in. Undertaking reflection alone is sometimes difficult, that’s why I find it important to make use of my supervisor in order to get feedback on what I have done. Support networks whether formal or informal, are one of the most effective means of identifying areas of my practice which need further development. Reflection - On one occasion I made a mistake at my work. A gent that I knew of and, had seen in the building before and was made aware that he was coming to the home to see our office administrator knocked at our home door. I didn’t ask to see his identity and let him sit in the main hall till I got through to the administrator on the phone. Within seconds of making the call to the admin office I realized my mistake, I was upset and annoyed with myself, our home policy is to ensure that when answering the door to any person, that you identify who they are by asking their name and/or asking to see their I.D badge and who they are here to see. I immediately informed the manager, who thanked me for being honest with her, she told me not to be too hard on myself. SSSC 2.1 Being honest and trustworthy. She felt that I hadn’t put the service users at risk as I knew why the visitor was there as I had been told previously and I knew who he was. My manager did ask me what I would have done if someone had been in the building and they didn’t have a right to be. I answered by telling my manager that I will challenge anyone I didn’t recognize and that the challenge will be polite, such as ’Can I help you’ or ‘Are you waiting for someone’. It is better to risk offending someone by asking those questions than to leave an intruder unchallenged. I then told my manager that I will raise the alarm by telling and wouldn’t tackle him or her. SSSC 6.1 meeting relevant standards of practice and working in a lawful, safe and effective way. I also spoke to my manager about the ‘password’ scheme we have in place with the utility companies and vision express (opticians). When one of the companies calls at the home we ask for the password from them so they can enter the building and then ask the usual questions, who are you here to see etc and get them to sign in the fire safety book. This follows our companies policies and procedures. SSSC 3.6 Complying with companies policies and procedures, Health and Safety Act 1974 and National care standard 9.5 Feeling safe and secure, You are reassured about your safety from intruders by knowing that the...
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