Supervision Unit 511

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Supervision 511

As deputy manager it is within my job role to conduct monthly supervisions which then lead into an annual appraisal. At this time I currently have three supervisees.

Whilst holding one of these monthly supervisions with my supervisee I conducted a file audit of their case file as part of my monthly monitoring, this helps me to evaluate. I noticed that work which I had previously asked to be completed had not been produced and some of the work which had fell below expected standards for his role as a Residential Child Care Worker.

A part of my own personal supervision with my manager we discuss the supervisees/supervisions I have held and it is my responsibility to flag up any issues that occur. I informed my manager of the concerns I had and she brought to my attention that she used to supervise this member of staff and had to address the very same issues around poor quality of work being produced and that numerous other members of the team had spoken about similar concerns within their own personal supervisions.

I researched and familiarised myself with the Employment Policies, Procedures & Guidance Handbook, which contains the Capability & Disciplinary Procedures. The Capability & Disciplinary Procedures are the means by which rules are observed and standards of conduct and performance at work are maintained, they provide fair and consistent methods of dealing with problems of conduct or work performance. Neither the disciplinary or capability procedure are designed to be punitive management tools but are intended to encourage and facilitate improvement at an early stage to ensure that conduct and performance do not become a problem that is unmanageable. The procedures allow for fair and consistent treatment of an employee and hopefully they will achieve a positive outcome to any problems.

In the Employment Policies, Procedures & Guidance Handbook, section A.4/5 of the Capability Procedure states, where work performance...
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