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Introduction to Quality (Prelim) Total Quality Management – Principles and Practices (Prelim) Total Quality Management – Tools and Techniques (Midterm) Fundamentals of Statistics (Midterm) Control Charts for Variables (Finals) Control Charts for Attributes (Finals)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Quality

Reference book: Quality Control 8th Edition by Dale H. Besterfield. Pearson Prentice Hall. 2009

The ability of product or service to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. It can be quantified as follows: Q = P/E where Q = quality P = performance E = expectations If Q is greater than 1.0 , then the customer has a good feeling about the product or service. Quality Control ◦ A process that evaluates output relative to standard, and takes corrective action when output doesn’t meet standards. ◦ The use of techniques and activities to achieve, sustain, and improve the quality of a product or service.
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Dimensions of Quality: Service Quality Control involves integrating the following related techniques and activities. 1. Specification of what is needed 2. Design of the product or service to meet the specifications 3. Product or installation to meet the full intent of the specifications 4. Inspection to determine conformance to specifications 5. Review of usage to provide information for the revision of specifications if needed
1. Tangibles

Meaning and Example
The physical appearance of facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials The availability and accessibility of the service

2. Convenience

3. Reliability

The ability to perform a service dependably, consistently, and accurately

4. Responsiveness

The willingness of service providers to help customers in unusual situation and to deal with problems The speed with which service is delivered

5. Time

6. Assurance

The knowledge exhibited by

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