Literature Review Satisfaction of Students

Topics: Education, University, Factor analysis Pages: 5 (1678 words) Published: April 14, 2013

In pursuing this research, there are several studies that have made significant contribution in designing the research. The following literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support the hypothesis.

In a research article by Rhodri Thomas and Vicky Harris (2000), titled ‘Teaching quality and staff researches are there connections’. It is a descriptive analysis where the author asses the idea where much energy and finance has been expended by successive governments in monitoring teaching and separately research quality. Although official conceptions of quality have been challenged, there has been little serious questioning in the UK of the supposed connections between teaching quality and staff research. This is surprising, since the weight of international evidence suggests a limited and perhaps even negative relationship between these activities in terms of the student experience. Drawing on the findings of a detailed case study, this paper argues that encouraging and enabling research among academic staff not only enhances their job satisfaction it can also improve the educational experience of their students. The potential benefits to students, however, will be maximised only if the potentially negative impacts of staff research are managed carefully.

Another article that is reviewed is by Mohammad Muzahid Akbar and Noorjahan Parvez in their research “Impact of Service Quality, Trust and Customer Satisfaction on Customers Loyalty” (2009) studied review on the impact of service quality, trust and customer satisfaction towards customer loyalty within the customers of one of a major private telecommunication company operating in Bangladesh, this research pursues the impacts of customers’ perceived service quality, trust and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. A technique was applied to investigate service quality, trust and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty, by structured questionnaire comprised of four sections using 5 points Likert scale or better known as the internal scale to measure all variables. Factorial analysis and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used to collect all the data.

The third article that was reviewed is the ‘The changing nature of teaching and unit evaluations in Australian universities’ by Mahsood Shah and Chenicheri Sid Nair (2012).The authors analyzed an analysis of teaching and a unit evaluation survey practice in Australian universities suggests significant changes. One key change discussed in the paper is the shift from voluntary to mandatory use of surveys with the results used to assess and reward academic staff performance. The change in the direction is largely driven by the introduction of performance based funding as part of quality assurance arrangements. The findings suggest a shift in trend from the use of voluntary to mandatory tools to assess and reward quality teaching. One of the key concerns for many in higher education is the intrusion of academic autonomy with increased focus on outcomes and less emphasis on resources needed to produce excellence in learning and teaching and research. They assume the increased reliance on student happiness as a measure of educational quality raises the questions on whether high student satisfaction would strengthen academic rigour and student attainment of learning outcomes and generic skills which are seen as key factors in graduate exit standards. It also measure of educational quality will result in increased use of student voice to assess learning and teaching outcomes. Example like direction will increase the accountability on academics to improve student experience and the measures will be used to assess academic staff performance.

The fourth article that was reviewed is the ‘The Student Satisfaction Guarantees, An Empirical Examination of Attitudes, Antecedents, and Consequences’ by Dwayne D. Gremler and Michael A. McCollough (1999). The authors analyzed to examine...
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