Proposal of Shonali Bank

Topics: Statistics, Research, Customer service Pages: 5 (1406 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on Service Development of Sonali Bank

Problem Statement
In the current study, the researcher will use five important dimensions like reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles to find out the customer service quality of Sonali Bank. The problem statement, then, is stated as follows: “The current study will identify the customer service quality of Sonali Bank considering key dimensions such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles.”

Research Objectives
The purpose of the study was to present the relationship between service quality with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in Sonali Bank, the leading public sector bank in Bangladesh. The main objectives of the research are: ➢ to understand the customer perceptions on different service quality dimensions while dealing with this bank ➢ to make recommendations for improving the quality and soundness of different services provided to the customers by Sonali Bank

In the modern competitive environment, the pursuit of service quality is now considered to be an essential strategy. Offering a superior product is no longer sufficient, as firms in the 21st century economy compete on a much broader platform. In terms of the banking sector, service quality has become an increasingly important factor for success and survival. Provision of high quality service aids in meeting several requirements such as customer satisfaction and its consequent loyalty and market share, soliciting new customers, improved productivity, financial performance and profitability. It has also become an important research topic because of its important relationship to corporate marketing and financial performance. In the current study the researcher intends to find out the customer service performance of Sonali Bank. The research has the potential for ongoing customer satisfaction program initiated by Sonali Bank and measuring its long term effects in service. Methodology

Research Design
The graphical presentation of the proposed framework (Figure1) depicted the pattern and structure relationships among the set of measured variables. The purpose of the study was to measure correlations among the variables. This research intended to investigate the relationships of Services quality (based on Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibility), and Customer satisfaction and Loyalty in the context of Sonali Bank. Here service quality (including all dimensions) will act as independent variable and customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will act as dependent variable. This research used a correlational study to investigate the existence of relationships between measured variables. When a researcher investigates the effects of measured variables and analyses the relationships among the variables, the design is known as correlational (Graziano & Raulin 1997; Zikmund, 2000). Leedy and Ormrod (2001) state that “a correlational study examines the extent to which differences in characteristics in variable are related to differences in once or more other characteristics or variables. A correlation exists if, when one variable increases, another variable either increases or decreases in a somewhat predictable fashion”. In correlational analysis, the researcher has no control over the values of the variables under study. Instead the researcher merely observes how the variables of interest vary in the natural environment. As the current study was carried out in the natural environment of the organization, the researcher interfered minimally with the normal flow of the events. With this in mind, the present study uses correlational study to discover or establish the existence of relationship, association or interdependence between the measured variables. The researcher also used step-wise regression analysis for finding which independent variable(s) individually and...

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