Light in the Forest Book Analysis

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First Quarter Book Analysis
A.Character Sketch- John (True Son)
In the book The Light in the Forest, Conrad Richter shows that who you grow up with can have a huge impact on your personality and character traits. John, or True Son, was raised by an Indian Tribe after being taken prisoner. After he returned home to his English family, John found it hard to accept the English way of living. But, after being returned home to his family, he discovered that he did have some English traits after all. True Son grew up to become an independent, stubborn and loyal man.

True Son, like most Indians was independent. When he was given back to the English he told himself that he would be his own Indian Counsel. He strongly disliked the way English settlers had their homes closed off with roofs, making him feel like it was a prison. True Son and Half Arrow stayed in the forest for a while by themselves, fishing and hunting when they needed, staying for as long as they could for the satisfaction of being their own masters. True Son couldn’t help but strongly dislike the laws and constraints of the English settlers compared to the way he had grown up with the Indians.

Stubbornness was a very strong personality trait for True Son. When he first was returned to the English soldiers he refused to do anything but lay on the ground on the ground all through the night until the morning. He refused to respond to the name John when he met his mother, insisting that his name was True Son. After arguing with Uncle Wilse and Cousin Alec, he kept his promise by taking of Alec’s old clothes and he never touched them again. When John was speaking with the old basket maker he was adamant that he would never become a slave to the white people. True Son was very strong willed when it came to his personality and was determined not to change.

True Son was also very loyal to his Indian family. He defended his Indian parents saying that he couldn’t...
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