Life Goes

Topics: Teacher, Life, Ontology Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Chancelynn Ridley

Despite the fact that I am only 15 years old, and haven’t lived a long adventurous life, I have existed long enough to know a few essentials of life.
Through the years, my family has taught me how to be a young lady and govern myself in a respectable manner. One of my mom’s most common sayings is “Make sure the decisions you make in life don’t affect the privileges you obtain.” This saying helps me to evaluate a situation, to its entirety, before reacting. My sister is the best role model anyone could ever have; she is well organized, Bible-based, and intelligent. Although my family has been through hard times we have always been there for one another, which has taught me to consistently lend a helping hand to those who are down.

In today’s society a lot of teenagers smoke or have smoked once in their lifetime. I have never felt the urge to take part in smoking or any other illegal activity. This is a result of my friends always being there for me and encouraging me to make the right decisions. My friends and I have always been positive influences on one another, and we value each other’s advice.

My previous teachers have been virtuous beings. Many of my professors have noticed my level of intellect and have pushed me to put forth my best efforts. Most have attempted to explain to me that it isn’t ok to just get by, but I ignored them. It recently dawned on me when my current Spanish teacher pulled me to the side explaining that I don’t have that much time left until college, stating I need to revaluate my priorities.

Looking over my life, I realize a lot of people have taught me things and have helped me positively along the way….. NOW it’s left up to ME who I become …
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