Life and Contribution of Barkha Dutt

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Barkha Dutt was born in India on 18th December 1971 and is a noted TV journalist in India and at present is working for the NDTV. She was born to S.P. Dutt and Prabha Dutt. While her father was an official in Air India, her mother was a Chief of Bureau of the Hindustan Times for quite some time. She had her childhood days in New Delhi and New York. Barkha is indebted for her journalism skills to her mother, Prabha, a pioneer among women journalists in India. But Prabha Dutt died in 1984, when she was in her prime, due to a brain hemorrhage. At that time Barkha was just thirteen. She had her education from the Modern School, New Delhi. This was followed by her graduation in English Literature from St. Stephen's College, New Delhi. After this, she did her Master's Degree in Mass Communications from Jamia Millia Islamia's Mass Communication Research Center New Delhi.

That was the time NDTV was just about starting and Barkha took up a job with the channel. "There was no looking back after that," she says. She was a 1997 winner of the Inlaks Scholarship, which sends six Indians abroad annually for graduate work. Barkha took two years off from work and got a master's in journalism from University of Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, New York.

Meeting Barkha, one thinks she is indeed her mother’s daughter. Her mother’s story of war reporting begins years before Barkha was born. At the time of the Indo-Pak war in 1965, Prabha Behl, a bright young reporter with the Hindustan Times, sought permission to cover the war for her newspaper. Those were the subdued sixties and women were still struggling hard to make a place for themselves in a man’s world. The editor said a firm "No" to Prabha. "We don’t send women reporters to the war front." But Prabha was a competent reporter and she found a way out for herself. She took leave from office and went to stay with her grandparents in Amritsar. Recounting this, Barkha says: "There, she made contacts and went to the...
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