Parvana: Crossing Cultures

Topics: Taliban, Afghanistan, Taliban treatment of women Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Crossing Cultures- How does Parvana explore aspects of different culture? Texts often give us an insight into aspects of different cultures. The novel Parvana by Deborah Ellis explores various facets of the Afghani culture. One of the prominent features of this text is the impact of war. In addition, Ellis looks into the treatment of women in Afghanistan. Another point that is examined in the text is the Afghani food and clothing. To illustrate these aspects, the author has used a large range of provocative techniques and ideas. Parvana explores the disastrous impacts of war in Afghanistan. These effects influence the lives of many people and are shown through the narrative perspective of a child. The war had brought many buildings and residences into destruction. As a result, families were scattered everywhere in order to survive, however, the constant bombings could not guarantee the families a safe place to stay. Due to the fact that people swere constantly moving, friends and families could not contact each other through mail. This is illustrated through Parvana’s personal experience, “Her own family had moved so often because of the bombing that her friends no longer knew where she was.” The dangers of war are clearly expressed through powerful imagery as Parvana remembers her father’s warning, “Kabul has more land mines than flowers,” her father used to say. “Land mines are as common as rocks and can blow you up without warning. Remember your brother.” Ellis conveys the hazard of living in the middle of war and how it could cost an innocent life, thus, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Through emotive language and hyperbole, Parvana’s terror and anxiety is expressed in, “She sat as if frozen at the edge of the supper cloth. The soldiers were giants, their piled turbans making them look even taller.” Due to the ongoing war, people had developed a fear towards the Taliban. Using many literary techniques, Ellis portrays the impacts of war in...
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