Parvana Is a Story of Hope

Topics: Family, Hope, Mother Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: August 28, 2013
“Parvana is a story of hope” Discuss
The story Parvana is a lot about hope. Deborah Ellis has created Parvana and the other characters to be hopeful. Deborah Ellis has made the story Parvana to be hopeful and optimistic not about fear even during the terrible things they face. Parvana’s father gets arrested and her mother becomes depressed. She needs to support the family by herself at the small age of eleven for her family and her to survive. “Your feet will survive but we won’t if you don’t get us food. Now move!” She wants to argue but knows that if she doesn’t do it her family will die. “Instead of turning back, she took the money from her sister’s hand.” Parvana has a lot of hope in the book. “We’ll meet again on the first day of spring twenty years from now.” Deborah Ellis uses Parvana to educate the reader about the life in Afghanistan. Parvana and her family are an example of all the families in Afghanistan. Deborah Ellis is showing us by the characters in the story Parvana that even in the country that is full of disasters they are just like us, hopeful. When Parvana dug up the soil in the marketplace, while everyone was watching resembles a new way of life is coming in a war-torn place like Afghanistan. Parvana knows that there is always hope even in the harsh times that they are going through. “Afghans love beautiful things,” he said “but …we sometimes forget how wonderful a thing like a flower is.” When Parvana’s father gets arrested and everyone in the family is sad, Mrs Weera comes along to get everything back in shape. “Do your bit for the team. Here we go!” Deborah Ellis is using the book Parvana as a way to express hope just like Mrs Weera and Parvana. Through the hope and determination of her characters, Deborah Ellis aims to restore us in a hope for humanity. The whole story of Parvana is to educate the reader about the life in Afghanistan. The whole world knows what is going on in Afghanistan but we are all just turning a blind eye. In the...
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