Lewis and clark

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Lewis and Clark Study Guide

The Lewis and Clark test will have the following sections:

A Map, A Timeline, Short Answer, and Multiple Choice

The following items may be on the test and should be studied before the test.

1. The Louisiana Purchase Map
2. The Lewis and Clark timeline, be able to put the events in order on a timeline
3. The 15 States that made up the Louisiana Purchase
4. The Impact on America Reading, What was the impact that Lewis and Clark had on America?
5. Movie Notes
Challenges of the expedition
Scientific Discoveries
Relations with the Indian Tribes

Possible short answer questions: Three of these questions will show up on the test. You will answer one of those three.
1. Why were Lewis and Clark keeping detailed records of what they saw and found on the expedition? What were two scientific discoveries they made along the way?
2. Give and explain three challenges the Corps of Discovery encountered on the journey. Include in your answer how the expedition overcame those challenges.
3. What was the impact that the Lewis and Clark expedition had on America?
4. Do you think that the Louisiana Purchase further isolated the United States from Europe or brought the two worlds closer? Explain
5. Explain why the relationships with the Native American Tribes was important to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Questions: Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper
1. What was the starting point for the expedition?
2. What country sold the Louisiana Territory to the US? For how much?
3. What was the name of Clark’s slave that went on the journey?
4. What river did L&C follow for most of their journey?
5. Who was the only person to die on the expedition?
6. Who was the Native American woman who traveled with the expedition and acted as an interpreter?
7. Where did L&C spend their first winter?
8. Where did L&C spend their second winter?
9. What mountain range did L&C have to cross?
10. What Indian

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