Organizational Behavior

Topics: Motivation, Procrastination, Human behavior Pages: 4 (739 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Material Included on the Test

Test 2 is will cover the 2 classes on self-defeating work behavior (including the articles that I uploaded on eCourseware), the 2 classes on goal setting (including the articles I uploaded on eCourseware), Chapter 7, 9, (Chapter 10 will not be included on this test), the class lectures, and class discussions.

Test Format

The test format will be identical to Test 1. There will be approximately (give or take a few of each type of question) 15 T/F questions and 15 M/C questions. Each of those questions will be worth 2 points unless otherwise noted with the question. There will also be 2 short-answer essay questions worth 20 points each. The essay questions will come from the list of questions provided below.

Guidance for Textbook Reading

Chapter 7:I will emphasize the Contemporary Theories of Motivation more than the Early Theories of Motivation, except for McClelland’s Theory of Needs.

Key Topics:

Definition of motivation, including its 3 key elements
McClelland’s Theory of Needs
Contemporary Theories of motivation
Special emphasis on Goal Setting Theory, Expectancy Theory, Self-Efficacy Theory Chapter 9:

Define and classify groups
Five stage model of group development
Group properties (don’t forget the Occupy Wall Street, Sweat Lodge and Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment Videos) Group decision making
Group versus individual
Group think and group shift
Group decision making techniques

Supplemental Reading/Excuses BeGone! Video

1. Handout that accompanies the Excuses Begone! DVD that identifies the Excuses Begone! Paradigm. It is under the section of Self-defeating work behavior on eCourseware.

2. Two articles on procrastination under section of eCourseware on Self-defeating work behavior:

Hara Estroff Marano. 2006. Getting out from under: How to stop procrastinating—now! Psychology Today, p. 41.

Steven Kotler & Timothy Pychyl. 2009. Escape artists....
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